Clock Radio 2.3


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Ever wanted to wake up to the morning news? ...or start the day off with some fresh tunes from your favorite radio station? Then Clock Radio is for you! Nomen est omen - no surprises here. A simple but sleek designed interface allows you to set the wake up time and select your preferred radio station (streaming audio). Or you may want to browse the sheer endless options of the SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio Directory.


  • Intuitive and georgously designed interface
  • SHOUTcast™ Radio Directory integration
  • Pick radio stations from a list or add your own
  • Fall back alarm signal when no internet connection is available
  • Easily disable / enable recurring alarm times
  • Snooze and sleep function
  • Night mode


default clock radio theme setting alarm time radio station directories radio stations analogue clock theme

SHOUTcast™ Radio is a free-of-charge audio homesteading solution. It permits anyone on the internet to broadcast audio from their PC to listeners across the Internet or any other IP-based network (Office LANs, college campuses, etc.).

Note:The app will work even if your iPhone or iPod touch is sleeping or locked - just don't close the app. An internet connection (Wifi / 3G / GPRS / EDGE) is necessary to play the streams. If the app can't connect, a standard alarm tone will wake you instead.

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The SHOUTcast™ Radio Directory features over 37,000 online radio stations across 23 genres and over 300 sub-genres from around the world. A consumer can search for online radio stations by genre such as Rock, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin and Talk, or by language such as French, German, Swahili and Portuguese. Each station is programmed by either professional, community, or hobbyist broadcasters.

Also check out the free SHOUTcast™ Radio Toolbar available for Windows Vista/XP and Mac OS X.

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  • "Tried a few other alarm/radio apps, this one works best though. Seems to use up less batteries than the rest + even runs when in iPhone sleep mode." arCade giMp
  • "Double thumbs up for convenience- nice design too!" labchimp

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