Operation Duck Storm

Hold your breath for this one

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The evil empire is on the loose. Duck Vader, Doug Norris and Count Quakula are trying to take over the whole duckiverse. What dastardly deeds to poison your food and the beloved balloons of your children – they must be stopped!
But how can a simple duck like you stand against powerful enemies like these?
Use your duckability of blowing. Unleash deadly farts on your foes and blow them back to where they came from. more...




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A picture is worth a thousand words so spare yourself the frustration of writers block with Edgar picture postcards! You can find expression for almost every situation or purpose with these beautifully presented cards. Edgar constantly adds more cards so make sure you're checking back for fresh content. more...


Picking Daisies

Loves me, loves me not...

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Remember when you used to pick the petals from daisies, trying to find out if that person you had a crush on feels the same way about you? Well now you can revisit those fond childhood idylls without having to uproot a single flower.

Loves me, loves me not- either way, YOU're going to love this App! more...


Disgusting Noises


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We don't want to keep this one from you. At the time, the idea for this app was still somewhat original. Now with a gazillion similar apps the most pleasant feature is probably that it comes for free ;) Well, it started as a learning project and it fulfilled it's purpose.
'Course if you still want to surprise your friends or foes with a variety of bodily noises produced at the touch of a button, this app will never fail you! more...




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Sick of getting cross eyed and thumb sore from those busy handheld games? This one's for you. Doodle is a fun game, that lets you test your logic by matching words and sayings to visual cues.
Mull over an artsy visual on your own or with a mate, no time pressure. No lives won or lost, no complex paths or patterns to memorize. Doodle is calm & relaxing - you can play at your own pace. more...


Kirchentag 2009


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Thousands of people visited the 32nd German Protestant Kirchentag when it was held in Bremen earlier this year. The Kirchentag 2009 App provides an interactive guide to serveral hundred events, organised by date, location or category. Event locations can be displayed on a map that comes preloaded with the App - no mobile roaming costs for visitors! Instant results using the keyword search are guaranteed. more...


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