Picking Daisies

Loves me, loves me not...

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Remember when you used to pick the petals from daisies, trying to find out if that person you had a crush on feels the same way about you? Well now you can revisit those fond childhood idylls without having to uproot a single flower.

Keep the pretty things where they are! Cos there is an App for that, now :) Let the petals predict your fate be it at the bus stop, waiting in a queue or just slacking off in class. Loves me, loves me not- either way, YOU're going to love this App!


  • Works for boys and girls
  • Love accuracy of a least 50%
  • 15 beautiful sceneries of places where you will never go
  • Boast to your friends on facebook
  • Flower regrowing under 4 seconds
  • Doesn't need fertilizer or water


main menu let the picking begin... she loves me Facebook integration ouch...

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